Since it was founded in 1996, Trident Group has established itself in the focus area of Russia, Ukraine, and the Former Soviet Union as a recognized and reliable expert in such areas as:

Due diligence
Risk assessment and risk management
Conflict prevention and conflict resolution
Business intelligence and special inquiries
Corporate security
Asset protection and asset search
Executive protection
Monitoring services
Litigation support

Trident Group is proud to be one of the most client-oriented firms in its sector of expertise. In practical terms, clients of Trident Group enjoy business support in Russia, Ukraine, and the FSU which is unique in depth, versatility and sophistication. Businesses working with Trident Group look for opportunities to:

Alleviate operating risk exposure in Russia
Stay clear of legal and political conflicts
Plan activities free of complications with partners and authorities
Prevent or/and defend against actions hostile to the company
Control damage if the company's interests are adversely affected

To support its global outreach in today’s interdependent world, Trident relies on a widespread network of strategic partners in Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Europe and Asia. The existing infrastructure and alliances have emerged as a result of long-standing professional and personal relationships developed over the years by the group's principals.

Trident is proud of our successful track-record based on the principles of:

Absolute confidentiality
Strict observance of the letter and spirit of law
Continuous accessibility and quick response time
Comprehensive and diverse approach to the tasks faced
Multi-national and cross-cultural background and experience
Adherence to high ethical standards