Trident Group Global, LLC has taken over from Trident Group, L.L.C., a firm that was established in 1996 and provided services diligently and loyally to numerous clients around the world from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations and individuals.

Yuri A. Koshkin, the president of Trident Group Global, was a co-founder of the original Trident Group together with his business partner Yevgeny N. Pshenichny. The two of them, assisted by a group of talented and dedicated associates, built a successful company that supported the international activities of businesses in sectors ranging from energy and mining to hospitality and entertainment, from telecommunications to financial services.

Yuri Koshkin graduated and was granted his commission from the Military Institute, Ministry of Defense, in Moscow, in 1980. He majored in languages and international relations. Yuri received a degree from the Institute of the USA and Canada Studies, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, in 1989, while still on active military duty. During his military service, he was based both in the Soviet Union and overseas, frequently participating in multinational government events involving NATO officials, as well as other military and foreign policy organizations.